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Terms and conditions

1 Conditions.
1.1 These general conditions apply to all offers of Galgo Shop-Boaz and all contracts concluded with you (buyers of products Galgo Shop-Boaz).

1.2 Galgo shop is Boaz.nl be reached as follows:
Email: 24 hours a day via email info@galgoshop-boaz.nl

2 Identity of the owner.
Galgo Shop Boaz.nl
Antilopespoor 630
3605 XJ Maarssen
Chamber of Commerce: 59855797
VAT number: NL029351315B01

3 Order
3.1 Orders can be placed by the website: www.galgoshop-boaz.nl.

3.2 There is no minimum order amount. Galgo Shop Boaz has the right orders without giving reasons not to execute or impose conditions as to connect.

3.3 The Agreement is concluded at the moment Galgo shop Boaz your order has handled.

4 Prices
4.1 The recently published in the web page of Galgo shop Boaz prices apply. For the latest price information, we encourage you to consult the website.

4.2 As long as the agreement has not come Galgo Shop Boaz authorized the prices listed on the website and change.

4.3 All prices are including VAT and packaging cost, excluding the costs of transportation, shipping, insurance and statutory contributions.

4.4 Galgo Shop-Boaz is authorized after the conclusion of the contract changes in the rate of sales tax and any other taxes / levies or to charge.

5 Delivery
5.1 Delivery by Galgo shop Boaz takes place by delivery to the first carrier. Deliveries of packages, foreign mail and mailbox is performed by PostNL. If you are not at home, no problem. When delivered by PostNL can be set for three weeks picked up by you at the post office in your area. All orders are delivered at the specified address.

5.2 The goods on your behalf and at your expense and risk. Galgo Shop Boaz spends on shipments from PostNL. Therefore Galgo Shop-Boaz is not responsible for the judicial integrity of the delivery mode of the ordered products.

5.3 Galgo Shop Boaz delivers the order as the website stated expeditiously off. Delivery time depends on the chosen payment method. From the moment the order is paid it will take up to 4 days before your order is shipped. If products are not in stock may take longer. When Galgo Shop Boaz can not deliver, within 15 days you will be informed and can either set a new delivery agreed jointly come either the contract can be terminated. In practice, we ship 80% of orders within 48 hours after payment.
5.4 If delivery of an item for any reason you do not seem to be possible, will Galgo Shop Boaz deliver both price and quality comparable to another article in consultation with you.

5.5 Despite all the care we take orders in eight, it is possible that an order is not delivered or is incomplete. In that case, you can report it to 7 days after your order with us and the delivery supplemented at our expense or redone.

5.6 If desired, you can pick up the items. We do not store or showroom should first make an appointment to pick up your product!

6 Payment
6.1 You can pay in several ways:
You must pay in advance to transfer the amount to our ING Attn Galgo Shop Boaz in Maarssen (for customers who do not come from the Netherlands listed next to the bank account also the IBAN Code: NL61INGB0000705082 and BIC code: INGBNL2A on your special international transfer card)

  • You pay by Paypal, Visa, Meastro, Mastercard, Ideal, Ebill, Giropay, Bancontact / Mistercash, Sofortbanking or pay by bank transfer.
  • You can also pay via our paypal account via the link on our website.
  • You pay per invoice, once the amount in our account, the articles sent.
    You choose the payment method itself in the ordering process of our shop.

7 Right to return
7.1 You have the legal right to cancel the delivery. Within seven days after making your order In addition, you have the legal right to delivered items (which may not meet your expectation) to return. To 7 days after delivery Exception to the right to return items that relate specifically made to the customer’s request and ordered. These items can not be returned sent. The returned items should be undamaged and unused clean (remove hair from jackets, hats and kollen) to be. In addition, the items to be returned postage prepaid. Unstamped packages Unfortunately we can not accept. These are rejected or costs are charged to the customer.

7.2 If the items are unused and in a timely and accurate returns, pay Galgo Shop Boaz the price paid, excluding shipping and insurance, as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days after receiving the returned items back.

7.3 If the delivered Galgo shop Boaz items are not returned within the “trial period” in Article

7.4 of the goods shall be considered accepted by you without any objection.

7.5 Return of items is at your expense and risk.

8 Warranty
8.1 Galgo Shop Boaz guarantees the quality of the products supplied by it for three months after delivery. If desired Galgo Shop Boaz ask the buyer to send for inspection of the nature and cause of the defect the product. This should always be done with sufficient postage. The shipping costs will only be reimbursed by Galgo shop Boaz as the defect is covered by warranty. Please note we are not liable for defects during transport. If desired, you can send the products with increased liability so to recover any damage to the carrier.

8.2 Warranty claims can be filed only within 14 days after discovery of the defect in writing to Galgo shop and Boaz are called with a brief description of the defect and sending him a copy of the invoice.

8.3 This guarantee means that if the conditions specified in 7.2 are met, Galgo Shop Boaz the article or repair or exchange or the purchase price or any part thereof reimburse (at the discretion of Galgo Shop-Boaz), without the need for the cost of pay. However, this warranty does not include additional costs, such as taken in the context of the repair or replacement necessary amenities.

8.4 This warranty does not apply if: You have made changes to the article, there are defects caused by incorrect or improper use, the defect is caused by intent or gross negligence; Galgo shop Boaz not (in time) the opportunity is responsible for investigating the complaint and any repair of the defect or if the buyer refuses the product with sufficient postage to send for inspection to us.

9 Liability
9.1 The liability of Galgo Shop Boaz relating to the sale and supply of products is limited to the regular 7 under warranty.

9.2 Galgo Shop-Boaz is not liable for provided by suppliers and not foreseeable and not reasonably ascertainable poor quality of the products.

9.3 For the rest, any liability of Galgo shop Boaz limited to the amount of the relevant invoice sent.

10 Disputes
10.1 These terms and conditions are governed by Dutch law.

10.2 Disputes are resolved as far as possible by mutual agreement. If that proves possible, the Dutch courts have jurisdiction and the court in the district where Galgo Shop-Boaz is established jurisdiction, unless Galgo Shop Boaz in the courts of your residence or chosen location.