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Sporty lightweight softshell jacket of excellent quality, designed for active dogs. Easy and comfortable to put on without any confirmation.

The back section and collar are made of a sturdy thick softshell in a beautiful slightly mottled red color. The belly part is made of a finer, more flexible softhell in black. The side section in between is made of stretch fleece and makes it easy and comfortable to put on. This beautiful body is provided with reflective elements.

Partly due to its large shape, this body is very suitable for all dog breeds with a sport body, but especially for Rhodesian Rigdebacks (RR), Vizsla’s and Pointers and in breeds with a similar physique.

Softshell offers warmth and comfort while wearing. The softshell jackets are therefore water-repellent but not waterproof. This means that it does not absorb water during a rain shower but repels as much as possible. However, if a lot of water comes down and the coat gets soaked, it will flow through the material. In addition, the softshell is also breathable, making the softshell very breathable. Because the softshell jackets are both warm and breathable, they are extremely suitable for use during exercise and walking. For the delicate greyhound skin, this sturdy Shoftshell body is a perfect protection when running through the bushes or against biting playing greyhounds.

Material and maintenance

Softshell 10/3 (water column 10 000mm, permeability 3000g / m2 / 24hod), 308g / m2 PES

Machine washable at maximum 30 °. Keep the closures closed and do not use fabric softener! Do not dry in the tumble dryer!

How to choose the right size?

This table describes the actual dimensions of the body. The materials are elastic, in the chest circumference that gives some play.





Geproduceerd door SOFA Dog WearProduction, Tsjechië