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Softshell jacket with lining for sport and daily use. Very functional and comfortable fabric, simple and effective shape, easy to wear and to put on. For a wide range of varieties such as the RR, Vizsla etc.

This jacket is made of heavy sofsthell with thick polyester lining. Velcro closure is located under the chest and around the neck. Reflective printing protects your dog.

The jacket was originally designed to keep the body temperature for sports activities, but it is also very suitable for daily use. Miguel – X is a perfect choice for cold, wet and windy weather.

Choose the size, see the table in the photo gallery of the product. The dimension “A” describes the anatomical length of the back of the dog, the other dimensions describe the actual shape of the plaid.

Material and maintenance

Softshell 10/3 (water resistance 10 000 mm, permanent 3000 g / m2 / 24 hours), 308 g / m2

Machine washable at maximum 30 °. Keep the closures closed and do not use fabric softener! Do not dry in the tumble dryer


At this moment only the size L2 can be delivered in the color Royal blue



Geproduceerd door SOFA Dog WearProduction, Tsjechië